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clouds_nipples's Journal

Cloud's Nipples = Teh Sex
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Welcome to the community Cloud's Nipples! We are here to enjoy, talk about, oogle, and obsess about the one and only Cloud Strife's nipples. =) They are very enticing. You know you want to touch them. 8D

!Please tell, what should we post about?!

Cloud's nipples of course! Fan art and fanfictions having Cloud's nipples in them are welcome, just please put any sexual content or nudity (other than a male's bare chest) behind a cut with warning. Also, you can post about just Cloud in general if you want to, we won't kill you and hide the body, so don't worry! You can even just post confessing your love for his nipple's, it's all good! So please, come post an introduction and join the loooove!


!*!No flames, plzkthx.
!*!Respect us mods!
!*!Any pictures or graphics over 600x600 pixels please put behind a cut.
!*!Any pictures containing nudity (other than a male's bare chest) or any kind of sexual content put behind a cut with warning.